Do Something Different Today

Routine is one of the most common actions that everyone has. Wake up, eat the same food, play the same music, drink the same coffee, drive the same route, do work tasks the same order. Although routine can sometimes be a sign of good discipline, it can also lack a good healthy injection of spontaneity. In many cases, an overdose of routine living can lead to the mind rejecting new ideas, as well as a sense of complacency.

There is so much fun in doing something different. Not only is it mentally refreshing and adventurous, but it also allows your routine to take a break and recover from feeling exhausted. Of course, keep a healthy balance of doing your routine tasks, but maybe you will realize by doing something different that some things you are doing routinely are better off being done spontaneously (i.e. how you get ready for work, what you do after work, what exercises you do at the gym, etc.).

TODAY’S MISSION: Do something different today. Whether if it is sending your mate a random “I Love You” message, taking your lunch at a different time, choosing a different exercise routine, or even taking time out to journal your day. Even if it feels awkward. In fact, many things feel awkward the first time you do it. Then – especially if it was a success – you feel good about it, and want to do it more.

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