Inspire To DO!

Motivation is a strong key to success. Not only success, but RESIDUAL success. However, motivation is nothing without application. Saying it is one thing. Strongly thinking about it is another. However, those just make your brain more tired, and creates a greater sense of false optimism. The gem lies in the DOING. 

For many years, I was involved in the fitness coaching/personal training business. In fact, I am still a certified personal trainer, but am no longer doing it full-time (still taking clients – cheap plug). When I would sit down with my clients for the initial fitness assessment, I wish I had a recording system to shamefully broadcast three big things I repeatedly heard: 1) many of them wanted to just work on ONE area of their body, without understanding that all – at least most – areas need to be built and improved in order to optimize results in that ONE area, 2) fitness was a destination, not a discipline; meaning, a goal was set, but nothing was prepared to maintain the goal (separate blog about that topic coming soon), and 3) their mental images become their reality.

What #3 means is that they said that they were going to lose 50 pounds in six months, but was not committed to actually DO THE WORK it required to take it from their mind to their body. In many cases, I told the clients that fit into this category, “You’ve already lost 50 pounds in your head; in your mind, you are chiseled out of stone. Now, get out of your head and make it a reality!”

What good is it if your mind and your mirror aren’t on the same page? No good! Your mind does not have to immediately “mirror the mirror,” but at least progress will create good status reports of the two being aligned. This does not apply only to the physical, but also the mental. Do not get so stuck in saying you are going to do something, that you become content with constantly saying you are going to do it. There are people waiting for your dream to manifest. Dying hospital patients, people who are homeless, battered women, mentally abused men, struggling parents, financial investors, YOU NAME IT!

DO IT! And start today; at the very least, write out your dreams and goals for the next 1, 3, and 5 years. If you are married, do it with your spouse, so your spouse knows specifically what to both encourage you and hold you accountable for. If you are not married, do it with a close family member or best friend. 


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