Being An Entrepreneur: Others May Doubt, But It’s Worth The Risk

It takes an incredible amount of courage to be an entrepreneur. Not only are you adamantly believing in a dream that many may find ludicrous, you are willing to take the risk in order to make it happen: the risk of people scoffing at you, the risk of losing relationships, the risk of a huge financial dip. However, when it is successful, you are the one who can hold your head up high and say that YOU DID IT.

What many do not understand is the amazing high that it is in being an entrepreneur. I mean, an AMAZING high. So amazing, those who know they are cut from a different cloth are so focused on succeeding, that they are willing to take the backlash and criticisms of being weird and different. But, when those same people buy into the very thing they thought could not succeed, they “stand corrected” in utter humility.

Not everyone is created to be an entrepreneur. It takes passion, drive, heart and creativity to be one. Moreover, it takes tough skin. Why? Because more people are going to criticize your dreams than support it. Many times, it comes from the ones closest to you. However, do not let that stop you. Your dreams are for the world, not just for those who are close to you. So what if they do not believe in you. YOU BELIEVE IN YOU, and sometimes, that is all that matters. At the very least, your drive to make your dream come true will turn some heads and inspire others to understand to power of manifesting your passions.

Simply put, non-entrepreneurs sometimes just do not get entrepreneurs. And, honestly, that’s okay. It is not about some other person understanding what you know in your heart is something you want to pursue. Eventually, those who criticized will have no other choice but to congratulate. Then, just keep going. Your success is all the “I told you so” that you need.

Yeah, we may be weird, and have big dreams. At least we are the ones who are willing to pursue them, and know that this world needs what we have. If you have a dream that others are doubting, do not let that stop you from keeping it alive. Dreamkillers are everywhere, but dreamchasers are not.

Everyone has a dream, but the bold ones make it a reality. If others don’t get the process, so be it. You will see the futility of your doubt and unbelief.

Chris Featherstone is a certified Life Coach and Theologian. Follow on Twitter @chrisprolific. If you like what you read, REBLOG!

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