I Hate You So Much! The Power of Self-Control (Or Lack Thereof)

Have you ever been in a conversation, and you realized that nothing was being accomplished because both of you were yelling? How do you feel after that? I am sure that the common answers are unfulfilled, enraged, and uncomfortable. In most cases, the resolution ended up being lost in the feelings and emotions. This is oftentimes the route that one or both people take when not taking the time to cool down and step out of the negative emotions. Moreover, the disparaging words that were said in the heated exchange have now created an even bigger rift in your friendship, relationship, or marriage. An apology can initially be sufficient, but if it continues to happen, it turns to words without power.

Look inside yourself and see what the true root of speaking out of negative passion is. Did you not feel as if you had a voice as a kid? Do you find yourself wanting to control situations more than others? Are you struggling with self-control altogether? These are only a few indicators of why yelling and shouting are you instinctive choice to handle situations.

We all need to learn to realize how counterproductive yelling and screaming is. Usually, it stems from a disrespectful comment responded disrespectfully, which gives room for more disrespectful comments that eventually escalate to a shouting match. Feelings and emotions are continuing to get poked, and the exchange becomes volatile. Then, when it is over, it turns into awkward silence that would have been much less awkward if it was the first option instead of the last. How you even been in this cycle? Trust me, you’re not alone. I have certainly had my fair share of these moments.

TODAY’S MISSION: Take some time to learn how to discipline yourself and gain some self-control. True, it is not easy, but this is not an excuse. Your schoolwork was not easy, but you chose to keep going because you knew the finish line was congratulatory. Your workout was not easy, but you kept going because you were focused on the physical  results. Use that same approach when learning how to handle things out of self-control, and you will see a major shift in the overall healthiness in your relationships.

Chris Featherstone is a certified Life Coach and Theologian. Follow him on Twitter @chrisprolific to connect with him through conversation. If you like what you read, REBLOG!

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