The Power of Peace Over Rashness

Have you every regretted how you felt when you made a decision out of haste? When you decided to call that ex when you were lonely? Or how about when you yelled at your spouse because you could not control your emotions?

Haven’t included you yet? Well, how about when you threw that phone, remote or shoe during that sports game, or when you said some choice words to a family member or supervisor? I am sure you fall into one of these, but there are many more examples. Regardless, the typical outcome of these scenarios are shame, remorse, and a desire to rewind and make a better decision.

Creating a disciple of peace can be so difficult for some. When a person is so used to feeling the need to get the last word, or defend themselves even if they are wrong, this person is living a life where rash choices are most likely their primary default. Moreover – more than likely – their core is filled with chaos, and little to no peace. These are the people who react flippantly to nearly every situation, without taking a few deep breaths and letting the moment subside. Yeah, the people who you feel like you have to avoid talking to sometimes in order to prevent inciting any negative emotions in your own self.

When you live a life a peace, it is still okay to get angry. In fact, anger can be a positive emotion if handled properly. For example, if you were angry that you procrastinated for an exam, and hold yourself accountable to not do it the next time. Or, if you were angry at your spouse for not upholding a commitment, but address it to them in a meek and receptive manner. Or, if you were angry at your child(ren) for disobeying you, but chastised and corrected them without throwing expletives at them. In these cases, anger exists, but it is coupled with a stronger sense of peace and calmness.

Living a life of peace instead of emotional instability can completely change a person’s lifestyle. It removes worry, fear, anxiety, and even doubt in most cases. Instead of creating your own version of the answers of your life, you just have faith and patiently wait for the answers to perfectly fit. No more putting square pegs in round holes for the sake of forcing something to happen in your life: peace allows you to persevere, and understand the purpose of process.

There is power in living a peaceful life. I encourage you to start today. Write notes to yourself at work on how you will have peace in whatever situation you are going through. Step away from an argument before it intensifies. Take some deep breaths before you respond. These are just a few things that – if done frequently – will create a discipline in your life of living peacefully. When you live peacefully, you can help others who are not, and so forth.

The best way for this world to become a better place is if we first created peace within ourselves that we become confident to help those around us.

Chris Featherstone is a certified Life Coach and Theologian. Follow @chrisprolific on Twitter, so you can follow his journey and be informed of the release date of his upcoming book.

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