Feed Your Dreams, Let Them Live

It is so easy to get discouraged in the road to manifesting your dreams and passions. Not enough money, not enough time, and not enough support are just a few allowances that we give ourselves to put the passions on standby. When, actually, all this is doing is allowing you to settle with complacency, and giving you more excuses to go further away from your dreams.

I have heard so many people tell me that the reason why they are not doing what once was their dream or passion – or even what they obtained a college degree in – is that “life happened.” In other words, they got married, had kids, got into bad relationships, obtained a good job but was released, did not have the money, took some time off and never got back into it, the list goes on and on. Every time is hear these things, I think about the years they have spent permitting excuses to block their dreams, instead of being proactive, and understanding that a person’s dream is ultimately to serve other people in some capacity.

Whether you aspire to be a coach, counselor, surgeon, teacher, or lawyer, all of these things have one thing in common: THEY SERVE OTHER PEOPLE.

So, as a hard but vital truth, those who put their dreams aside for complacency, oftentimes fail to maximize their ability to help others in what they are most effective at doing.

Feed your dream. Let it live. Sure, it may be delayed, and the road may be more difficult than you expected. There even may be some failures along the way. In fact, there probably will be. However, do not give up. Remember, someone is waiting for what you have. Your dreams are designed to change and alter lives. Your dreams and passions ignite you on purpose; because they are a part of your purpose.

Let this be day one of dusting off your dreams and passions, feeding them with action plans, and serving them to others. DO NOT let them die.

If you want to champion your ability to rediscover and reignite your dreams, I am that fuel to your fire. Contact me at cfeath7@gmail.com for a trial coaching session, and get back on the road to using your fire to refine others.

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