Not Feeling Well…

It’s been a while, but that is the joy of writing and blogging – many of us always have something to write about, but different cares and responsibilities come in and force itself in from the mental thoughts you want to translate on paper or on a computer screen. Thankfully, I followed the tried and true theory that has led me to many successes, which is just to do whatever on your heart that is helpful to others, instead of wasting time making excuses. So, here I am… once again.

Unfortunately, I am not feeling well today, and have not been for nearly a week now. I strongly dislike those moments, when I fall asleep and wake up realizing that my mouth was open and it was a bit chilly inside. Now, I have to deal with a sore throat, which leads to a weak body, which leads to a weaker immune system… more susceptible to headaches, stomach aches… sniffing, sneezing. ALL BAD NEWS.

In the midst of my journey of getting better (while doing homework, listening to some jazz, and sipping some mint tea with a dissolved cough drop and honey in it; good home remedy, folks), I figured the best way to diffuse my stress of not feeling well while still having to take care of my family, continue with my PhD studies, and work to maintain the stable provision, is to do what I love doing…


It’s a wonderful medicating agent. Have you tried it? No, I am not asking you to write or blog professionally like myself, but many fail to realize that the most powerful tool one can have to change oneself and even society as a whole, is two simple things: a pad and a pen.

So, as I finish my thought digestion at the moment, I leave you with this: I feel better now.

What a difference 300 words make.

@chrisprolific, @vizionunitedllc

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