Would You Like Fries With That?

Being alone in pivotal situations can be utterly dangerous. Especially when you are going through a crisis, a decision to stay at a job or leave, or simply having a bad day. The beauty of having someone there with you is that he/she is virtually saying, “give me some of that pressure; I am here to lighten up your load.” Isn’t that amazing? Not only are they willing to take a portion of whatever care you are dealing with, but they are adding it to whatever care(s) they already have! So, yes, that is amazing. Join the load-sharing revolution. However, do … Continue reading Would You Like Fries With That?

Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself

We all have shortcomings. The real issue is how we deal with them. Some own them and embark on a quest to change. Some look for others to share the responsibility. And, unfortunately, others try their best to disengage completely from it. Those are the ones that must read this. Others can read, too, as I believe it is beneficial for all of us. So why “Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself?” We all love pizza, don’t we? I suppose there are odd ones that do not care too much for it. For the ones who do … Continue reading Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself