Would You Like Fries With That?

Being alone in pivotal situations can be utterly dangerous. Especially when you are going through a crisis, a decision to stay at a job or leave, or simply having a bad day. The beauty of having someone there with you is that he/she is virtually saying, “give me some of that pressure; I am here to lighten up your load.” Isn’t that amazing? Not only are they willing to take a portion of whatever care you are dealing with, but they are adding it to whatever care(s) they already have!

So, yes, that is amazing. Join the load-sharing revolution. However, do YOUR part. Don’t expect someone to take your entire burden. That is like asking your spotter at the gym, “Hey, this is too heavy, can you take ALL of this?” I know if someone asked me that, I would say, “No, you NEED some of this to BUILD YOUR STRENGTH. I know you may not like me too much for saying that, but I see the end more than you do right now, and you’ll be much better than you are now by lifting this.” Eventually, one would be able to lift more weight. And then more. And then more. Until the weight that they complained about becomes a part of their burnout set.

Help each other on the path of making your burdens your burnouts.

To get the best and the most valuable meal, ask for the combo. Not just the burger, but the fries, too. Translate this to relationships. Be someone’s “fries,” and make the perfect combination to make situations much lighter than if it was handled alone.


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