How Dr. Myles Munroe Has Impacted My Life Personally

About a dozen years ago, I heard about this man named Myles Munroe. At the time, my former pastor’s spiritual father had some ties to Dr. Munroe, and I was able to attend an event that he was speaking at. Of course, the crowd was filled, about 2,000 in attendance. I was about five years old in my faith, and still hungry for answers and direction from God. I had dreams and aspirations, but allowed my current situation(s) to always get in the way.

Then, at the event, I received some takeaways that will always leave an indelible mark in my life and in my spirit. The first one was that he said  we as believers are all “Glory Carriers.” In other words, we should never take for granted the fact that God has deposited his glory through the person of Holy Spirit inside of us. Moreover, he said that we should all die empty. The glory that we should be carrying should be spread among the world so passionately that when we die, there is nothing left for our physical bodies to give.

The other powerful mark that he left was his description of our own personal dreams and goals. He said that the most populated place that dreams reside is, unfortunately, the grave. This is as a result of so many people allowing their dreams to remain dormant because they are not smart enough, savvy enough, rich enough, or it just seems way too big for them to handle alone. As a result, the world did not experience what they had to offer to the fullest, and we may never get to experience a revolutionary dream that could shake the foundation of poverty, abuse, financial lack, or educational deficiency.

That very illustration about the grave stayed with me ever since then. As a result, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Communications, achieved my Master’s degree in Theological Studies, completing my second Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, became a certified Life Coach, and will pursue a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

Pursuing my purpose has taught me that I can’t control tomorrow, I can’t even control today, but what I can control is RIGHT NOW. As a result, I will strive my best to make every moment right now to lock in to my purpose, and that is to help hurting people, and have people understand the power of community.

Thank you, Dr. Myles Munroe, for allowing God to use you in my life in a way that you never knew. I desire to use that memorable event many years ago, and the principles that I took away from it to keep pushing forward in my purpose, and NEVER GIVE UP. Moreover, I vow to spread hope to others that, whatever they are going though, there is always someone who is commissioned to link up with you in your pursuit, so do not hesitate to pull on him/her for spiritual, emotional and social support.

You and your wife will be missed on earth, but I will see you later in a much greater place.

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