Dear Mr. Doubt

Dear Mr. Doubt,

I thought I asked you not to contact me anymore. I have some dreams to manifest. It’s hard for me to remember how we even became friends. Better yet, it’s hard for me to understand how we remained friends. Oh, I remember now. There was something about you that was enticing. Oftentimes, I felt safe listening to you. “No one will ever support you.” “That dream is WAY too big for you to accomplish.” “Where are you gonna get the money to do that?” “TV? Really? From your kind of upbringing?” are just a few of the “encouraging” statements you often gave me. Sadly, I felt comfortable listening to you, because I started to believe you more and more.

Now, I am a changed man. I realize that everything you said to me was a lie. Your sole purpose was to keep me stagnant, and kill my progress. Essentially, you wanted me to keep residing where you manage. Dreamkiller Drive. When I stayed there, I thought I was content. However, I started realizing that the cost of living far exceeded the quality of living. That is a “no-no” in my book.

When I moved to Dream-Building Boulevard, I saw very quickly how much I have been missing. It is absolutely great here. Granted, the cost isn’t free. In fact, it is just about as much as my former residence. However, it is worth every penny. I see progress here. I see opportunity here. I see peace here. I see builders here. I see SUPPORT here.

So, Mr. Doubt, let this be an official goodbye. I’ll be letting my friends and family know about how great it is over here, and they’ll be leaving soon as well. I know that you will still have a pretty large occupancy level, but hopefully, the ones I know and care about will go far away from your territory. I will do my part in making that a reality.

I have very little regret from our experience together. Just lessons learned to make me stronger. So, for that reason, THANK YOU. Although I know that wasn’t your intention, it became mine, and I am better as a result.

Your former resident and friend,


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