Survey Says…

“I don’t care what people think of me.” This is one of the most selfish and hazardous beliefs that anyone can have. In fact, not only does it show a disconnect from the world around you, but it prevents someone from digesting hard truths that need to be marinated and reflected upon. Far too many times do people use pride and arrogance to mask genuine pain and disgust within one’s self.

One of the easiest outlets to deflect these sharp but helpful evaluations is self-aggrandizement. Haven’t we all heard people use phrases such as, “I don’t need anyone,” “they just hatin,” and “I can’t believe they said that about me!” Have you ever considered that it may be true? If not, I strongly suggest you do. Only if my feedback matters. If you are on the list of the ones who struggle with this, maybe it doesn’t.

However, if I could help you at all, I would suggest that you ask three people who you love and care about, and three people who you do not get along with very well, these four questions:

  1. What is my biggest strength?
  2. What is my biggest weakness?
  3. Why is our relationship the state that it is now?
  4. What are three things that you feel I may be hiding about myself?

Take deep reflection of all the answers. Mostly, LOOK AT THE COMMON THREADS. For people who like you a lot and others who you don’t share the same chemistry with to say the same thing(s) about you, chances are it is the truth. Next, journey to get help in becoming a better you. Ultimately, by listening to others – particularly those who care about you – the path to becoming the Best U will be much less rocky and much more paved.

Granted, there are people who are genuinely trying to be dreamkillers and pot-stirrers, but they are easy to detect. Don’t waste you time on these people. Survey those at home, church, work, and any other social club you are involved in. Those are the ones who interact with you the most, and would have the best assessment of you.

So, please, LISTEN TO OTHERS. WE MATTER. Especially if we love you, and want to best for you. Oftentimes, loved ones will tell you things that hurt, but that is just one step closer to healing.

SURVEY SAYS… open your ears and eyes to discover the Best U.

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