Mr. Mo Mentum

There’s a guy that is very popular around these neck of the woods. Now, this does not mean that everyone likes him. However, just about everyone knows about him. His name is Mr. Mo Mentum. Loved and hated, embraced and shunned, accepted and rejected, he receives a gamut of feelings his way every single day. The funny thing is, he is ALWAYS willing to help.

The problem is, though, not everyone wants his help. Not because they don’t need it. We ALL do. But, it is because many are too scared to admit that they need his help, even if their vision is becoming more blurry. “I don’t need his help,” the prideful – but stagnant – person says. Mind you, they have seen his body of work, and knows that he has a 100% success rate.

Mr. Mo Mentum gives you the end at the beginning, so you know what you are striving for. However, that is not his specialty. His niche is in helping you accomplish your little dreams in order to keep reminding you about the big one. He has tough skin, too. Saying “no” to him is what I call “IOEROTOO.” In one ear, right out the other one. He doesn’t do that because he’s calloused; he does it because he sees above the fog, while you are trying to navigate walking through it.

Get to know this Mr. Mo Mentum guy. He may seem intimidating at first, but he’s just a teddy bear at heart. You just have to get to know him and build a good rapport with him. After that, you’ll realize how much he cares. Don’t forget, he is always there to help, and may give you some tasks that seem insurmountable.

At the end of your time spent with him before his farewell, you’ll realize why people are so scared, but why you were so courageous. It never fails.

I can admit that I was afraid at first. However, I am so glad that we have a great relationship, because he taught me that my big dream reminders are my little dreams manifested.

Take the first step.

2 responses to “Mr. Mo Mentum”

  1. Beautiful! As much as I have been writing and thinking of MoMentum, I have never quite taken the personalized look like you took. Entertaining and how true!! Thanks for the inspiration, smile, and lesson. you crushed it!


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