Sick and Tired? Take A Pill.

Complaining is such an easy emotional outlet. In fact, it is even a default to many. Finding all the things about life that is wrong oftentimes allow us to exhale on personal responsibility. I don’t know if you caught that. In other words, complaining about something or some person(s) ejects ourselves from being responsible to change what we are complaining about. Instead of the risk of getting muddy in order to embark change, we stay away and look down in order to make a negative comment about it. Our hands stay clean, and we expect someone else to assume the task. Even if it is not an issue to them.

Healing happened in the Jordan River: research the conditions of that body of water.

Imagine a dead fish in a tank. Floating lifeless in the water. There are two kinds of people who would react to this occurrence. Optimistic Oscar says, “Yuck. Well, gotta get it out the tank.” Pessimistic Patty says, “Eww! Somebody come get this! This is so gross.” What’s even more amusing is that she lives alone and bought the fish. Now, what could have been resolved in a matter of seconds, now will decay and stink up the place. Then, she is forced to resolve it; however, now it is in a much worse condition than if she did it before.

It even took longer to explain the negative reaction. NOT A COINCIDENCE.

“I’m sick and tired” is such an overrated phrase. Yes, there are some things that are out of our control that we may have to endure. And, yes, it is always good to have someone to vent to and not hold in negative feelings. However, many of those “sick and tired” moments could have been resolved way before you needed emotional intervention for it.

Write five things that you are “sick and tired” of. Next, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Telling your spouse, friend or family member doesn’t count; only if they are going to help you get well of what you are sick of. Whatever the case may be, address it in wisdom. If you are not strong enough to do that yet, get advice on how to approach someone. Remember, you are there to get better, not even more “sick and tired.” If that does not work, know that you’ve done your part, and release yourself from it.

Just remember, though – many times whatever you’re “sick and tired” of, if properly addressed earlier, could have actually worked as medication to help something you are dealing with. If anything, it could have build more confidence of knowing how to handle situations.

Hope you are feeling better.

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