Are You Sleeping? WAKE UP!

It is so easy for people to lose sight of their purpose because they are so caught up and distracted by all the current cares and challenges. Trust me, I get it. I am not totally free from that struggle either. However, there are always ways to refocus on your goals, which gives you a boost in where you are currently. Understand that this is only a piece to the bigger puzzle of your manifested dreams. Make the best out of where you are. Legacies are not build just based on legends being in comfortable places. They are also built when … Continue reading Are You Sleeping? WAKE UP!

Uncomfortableness Brings Out The Real You

It is funny how we are put in positions that squeeze the real us out of us. That is why it takes great discipline to create a version of you that when you are put into a tight situation, it mirrors (at least, almost mirrors) how you are when things are going well. I suppose that only applies to people who do not hate the world and believe that everything is tied to a conspiracy. The beauty of life is that uncomfortable situations can leave people feeling relieved or regretful. Relieved when they are proud of their growth, even so … Continue reading Uncomfortableness Brings Out The Real You

You Mean THAT? You Meant WHAT?!

It’s funny how people are so prone to misinterpret. He said this, she took it that way, now they don’t like each other. Only to find out, he meant this, she took it that way, and the animosity was all for naught. Just think about how many times you have seen this, or, more importantly, experienced it yourself. There is an old adage, “curiosity killed the cat.” I can see how that makes sense. However, the cat was sniffing into other people’s business and got his nose cut off. However, what did curiosity do to the dog? It can be … Continue reading You Mean THAT? You Meant WHAT?!

Kick It Into Overdrive

Everyone has bad days. The good thing about these days is that, while they can certainly break your confidence and make you feel de-energized, they can also make you stronger, and give you more of an ability to get through the slumps in your life.  When these times happen, do your best to not feel defeated and deflated. These are such common feelings to resort to, and it takes persistence and discipline to change this paradigm. The biggest thing to realize is that it is just a moment, so do your best to let it pass. If something has you … Continue reading Kick It Into Overdrive

Hard Work Pays Off

This year, we celebrated the 127th year of Labor Day. As a token of appreciation, America celebrates its hard workers via a national holiday. Kudos to that. It takes much work, patience and perseverance to make this country generate the opportunity that it has. Although many are not at their ideal (see previous post about being a statistic), at least they can say that an opportunity is presented to put a roof over their heads, and take care of their family. The next step is to not settle in doing something you do not want to do, and go for … Continue reading Hard Work Pays Off

When You Are In The Valley… USE THEIR FLASHLIGHT

No one has a perfect life. Even Jesus had trials and tribulations. Moreover, we all experience our own personal “Will This Cup Pass?” moments, where we fervently want the struggle to end. Wherever and whenever we are suffering, be it spiritually, emotionally, financially, or relationally, we need 3 P’s to get us through. Prayer – there is no doubt that prayer works. As a devout Christian, I have experienced it first hand. Dr. Roberta Lee, author of The SuperStress Solution, explains, “[People who pray are] better able to cope with stress, they heal faster from illness, and they experience increased benefits to their health and … Continue reading When You Are In The Valley… USE THEIR FLASHLIGHT

Don’t Be A Statistic!

In a recent survey done by NBC, 84 percent said they are not working in their dream job. That is both staggering and disheartening. This means less than two out of 10 people can say that they are doing what can be considered as ideal to them. So, conclusively, it means that the definitive majority of us are doing something that we really do not want to do. I understand that you can’t just go into a company and say, “Hey! Hire me now!” However, while you are waiting, you can continue working on your dream and further perfect it. … Continue reading Don’t Be A Statistic!

Inspire To DO!

Motivation is a strong key to success. Not only success, but RESIDUAL success. However, motivation is nothing without application. Saying it is one thing. Strongly thinking about it is another. However, those just make your brain more tired, and creates a greater sense of false optimism. The gem lies in the DOING.  For many years, I was involved in the fitness coaching/personal training business. In fact, I am still a certified personal trainer, but am no longer doing it full-time (still taking clients – cheap plug). When I would sit down with my clients for the initial fitness assessment, I wish … Continue reading Inspire To DO!

Listen, Reflect, Speak

One of the biggest causes to ineffective communication is the problem of listening. Oftentimes, we make a conclusion from a statement based on half (sometimes, not even that much) of what is being said, without letting the person finish. Think of it this way. If I tell you, “I think that you are terrib…”, you may cut me off and say, “No no no no… you are terrible at your business decisions. Get that right first, then come to me about my problems.” As a result, I decided to abort the conversation, and it does not go as planned. What … Continue reading Listen, Reflect, Speak

Do Something Different Today

Routine is one of the most common actions that everyone has. Wake up, eat the same food, play the same music, drink the same coffee, drive the same route, do work tasks the same order. Although routine can sometimes be a sign of good discipline, it can also lack a good healthy injection of spontaneity. In many cases, an overdose of routine living can lead to the mind rejecting new ideas, as well as a sense of complacency. There is so much fun in doing something different. Not only is it mentally refreshing and adventurous, but it also allows your routine … Continue reading Do Something Different Today